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Consonant Clusters How to prepare the game Enlarge the game board to A3, and mount on card or laminate. Print the cards in two pastel colours and cut them out.

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Book Unit Guide for Uniones divertidas Fun Blends

Focus on consonant blends and ... in the activities with the cr blends. It means melting pot. Copyright 2007 Riverdeep Interactive Learning.
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interactive activities and card sets. APPLY: The students apply the skills with card set activities, ... A Quilt for Kristy review of consonant blends ...
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The game ends when all children have passed the 12th line and everyone applauds their success. ... (consonant, vowel, consonant) word (e.g. /p/-/i/-/g/) and
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activities Interactive whiteboard compatible Teacher Resource CD ... More Consonants, Blends, and Digraphs* DPB15656 $699.99 Short Vowel Rimes* DPB15606 $699.99
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Interactive activities allow children to read the phonemes in context, practise blending and segmenting, ... Consonant Clusters (Year 1, Term 2) DVD Plus Pack
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Spell words with short vowels and consonant blends. ... Use interactive activities outlined in Teacher’s Edition. Guide the completion of Worktext.
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Consonant Blend Practice Activity: Beginning, Middle, End Answer Key Letters to be circled are in bold type. 1. fist (end) 2. nothing (middle, end) 3. sweet (beginning)
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• Initial consonant clusters (set 1) sc, ... (interactive Word worksheet with drop down menus). ... • Yesterday’s world - th activities.
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activities. The perforated cards ... letters, to make long vowel concepts interactive and fun. ... LER 2187 Pocket Chart Phonics Beginning Consonants Ages 5+
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play two interactive games in order to learn the ... directionality, chunking, and consonant blends. The third reading level is “It’s Fun to Read:
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of games and activities in most phonics programmes to make phonics fun and ... blends adjacent consonants to read a ... Is the session fully interactive for
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Actives and E Big Books are interactive resources ... words with initial consonant clusters and finally, ... • activities to teach the alternative spelling
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including consonant blends. ... the thousands of online flash-based activities and interactive that are already available. Below are a few of my favorites:
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initial consonants and blends, word families Note: In this book the term consonant blend is used to describe both the ... Then try these activities with your class.
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consonant and you have a blend word! Read and write the blends, slides, ... • Blends Game, pp. 96-97 (Kindergarten), pp. 242-243 (First Grade and Above)
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activities. Enjoyable, ... • Sets nine and ten — introduce consonant blends, numbers, word endings and review. ... Interactive CD
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Beginning Consonant Sounds Sorts 1 to 9 ... Section III: Blends and Digraphs ... interactive sorting activities, ...
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Book Phonics - The Florida Center for Reading Research

2-3 Student Center Activities: ... Students read words containing doubled consonants (ff, ll, ss) by playing a ... by digraphs, phonemes, blends, final sounds ...
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Book Bailey's Book House Teacher's Guide, School Version

continue the game. Make-A-Blends Book Art ... they should write the consonant blend. ... 2006 Riverdeep Interactive Learning Limited 103 Blend Zoo Science
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Activities to practise your new skills. ... an excellent site with a huge selection of printable and interactive work sheets, ... consonant words ...
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Consonant /m/ m 8. Dad Vowel /a/ a Phonogram -ad 9. He Likes, She Likes Consonant /l/ l ... Interactive Phonics Readers, ... Play the Animal Game! l-Blends (bl, cl ...
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- beginning and end blends, - consonant diagraphs, - silent letters, ... Mix of very good interactive games and worksheets covering most phonic phases.
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leVel 2 ConSonanT blenDS 90573 Around the Block (bl, cl, fl, sm, sn, st, qu, ck) ... InTeRaCTIVe ReaDIng DeVelopmenT aCTIVITIeS $7.99 eaCh Tag national
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ABC Spelling Magic 2 Consonant Blends ... Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game - Children ages 6-8 years old build language skills in a fast-paced
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Book FREE ON LINE PHONICS ACTIVITIES Initial phonemes ... Adjacent consonant blends ... Dragon’s Den and Picnic on Pluto games
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